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Automatic Mobile Tank Washing


Washing head: The tool that is to insert inside the modified tank entrance for washing.
Main pump that operate the washing spray.
Water connection.
Pump needed for recirculation.
Pump for the total discharge of the machine.
Control Pannel: It has a digital display.

LA SEMPLICE, is an innovative patent Gamba srl a SAFE and EFFICIENT system for the internal cleaning of your tanks. La semplice can work on any type of tank, regardless the geometry or the material.

Our machine has been initially designed or the wine industry, but its flexibility makes it suitable for the WHOLE food industry.

The high pressure water jet is moved by a 2-axis (180° and 360°) rotating head. The entire system is controlled by high-tech Electronics to ensure that the whole internal surface gets cleaned.

It excludes accidents in confined spaces.

Time – Energy – Water – Detergence

Throughout the internal area of ​​the tank.

LA SEMPLICE is a real innovation in the sanitisation of any type of tank, ensuring a perfect wash with important saving in water, caustic soda and detergents compared with all other washing types.

The machine completely built in stainless steel and therefore very resistant to wear and tear of all its components all made in italy and individually tested before being mounted.

During the years preceeding the introduction of La Semplice on the market, each and every details has been carefully reviewed to achieve the highest quality with the lowest environment impact and the maximum adaptability to any porthole and structure, not last the advantage of total safety for those who, until now, had to operate in limited space as the interior of a tank.


Its cleaning power reaches a height of 9 meters

Its cleaning power reaches a height of 14 meters

Its cleaning power reaches a height of 5 meters

What Customers say about us

We use it on cement tanks, glass fiber tanks, steel tanks, autoclave and timber barrels with optimum results for all types.

Davide FerrettiManager P.Ferretti & figli

With “la semplice” which operates on a close circuit, there is no longer water and detergent leaking on the floor, thus avoiding any spray of caustic soda.

Bruno VaudanoVaudano Enrico & Figli

This machine requires less personal energy to operate thus leaving me free to attend to other operations in the cellar in the same time.

Alberto CaninoSenior Enologist Tosti SpA

The adopting La Semplice manufactured by Gamba means that it is no longer necessary access to the interior of the tanks, eliminating risks to the operators.

Nicoletto RaimondoSecurity Consultant